Cadets Programme

The aim:

To deliver an alternative curriculum for students and to pass on safety messages. To promote citizenship and mutual respect, while gaining an Edexcel BTEC Level 2 qualification in the Fire and Rescue Service in the Community.

The Cadets programme is a big success. It’s part of an alternative curriculum for students who find it difficult to engage through normal academic means.

We want our candidates to:

  • fulfil their potential
  • develop leadership qualities
  • increase their self esteem
  • think about social consciousness, community awareness and good citizenship

At the same time, it’s an opportunity for the Brigade to promote safety messages to the young people, their families and their peers.

The cadet’s work towards a BTEC qualification, as well as learning fire service skills, the trainers don’t miss the opportunity to share community messages and promote social responsibility and citizenship.

The Brigade worked with education authorities to get it right. Youngsters now work with fire service personnel for one full day a week throughout their academic year. That’s quite a long term commitment for a young person who may find it difficult to concentrate or fit in the classroom.

Case Study

Things are looking up for Sophie Hay. Being a Cadet is better than she ever thought it would be. Sophie says: “I’m learning new things. How to use a ladder and a hose, how to do emergency resuscitation and use breathing apparatus. Everyone gets on and the instructors are really good. They seem really interested in us all.”

“It’s good because it’s interesting,” she says with a smile.  Sophie is one of a handful of young people on the Community Fire Cadets course, which Cleveland Fire Brigade is running with Stockton Borough Council.

She adds: “More people should do it. They’ll enjoy it, whatever they put in, they’ll get out.”

Sponsorship opportunities for this course are available. Please read our leaflet for more information.

You can contact us on 01429 872311 or email Elaine Smith, Schools Education Manager at