Community Safety Alarm

Our Community Safety Alarm Service is a CFB Risk Management service which provides help and support to keep you safe, so you can live confidently and independently in your own home without worry or stress.

Who can get The Community Safety Alarm Service?

The service is available to everyone, including the elderly, those with a physical or learning disability, sight or hearing loss, mental health needs, illness, those at risk of falling, or people suffering from domestic violence or abuse. We do not restrict the provision of The Community Safety Alarm Service. Our primary responsibility is the safety, health and welfare of the local community.

How does The Community Safety Alarm Service work?

If you fall, feel unwell or unsafe, or you are in any way worried by callers or strangers at your door, you can call for help simply by pressing a button no matter where you are in your home.

We install a special Alarm Unit in your home which automatically connects to our 24-hour Response Centre at Cleveland Fire Brigade Headquarters when you press the alarm button. We also provide a Personal Pendant which acts like a portable alarm button you can wear round the home. Each Alarm Unit comes complete with one Personal Pendant, we can supply multiple pendants if the Alarm Unit is to be used by more than one person.

When you press your alarm button, our team in the Response Centre can speak to you through your Alarm Unit and give you advice or contact your family, a doctor or the emergency services.

The Community Safety Alarm Service works in partnership with Cleveland Fire Brigade to ensure you are also safe from the risk of fire.

Using the latest technology, we install advanced smoke detectors as part of your package which link to your Alarm Unit and to our Response Centre completely free of charge, these advanced smoke detectors alert the team in the Response Centre without the need for you to press your Personal Pendant.

What are the benefits of The Community Safety Alarm Service?

  • 24-hour Response Centre
  • Round the clock protection
  • Help and support at the touch of a button
  • Free installation by our qualified technicians
  • Independence and peace of mind in your home
  • Free advanced smoke detector
  • Cost effective, affordable and simple

What do I need to be connected to the service?

For the monitoring alarm system to be installed in your home, you need to have a working telephone line which accepts incoming and outgoing calls and have an electrical socket close by.

How much does The Community Safety Alarm Service cost?

The Community Safety Alarm Service is cost effective, affordable and simple, we only charge a small weekly payment which includes:

  • Alarm Unit
  • Personal Alarm Pendant
  • Free Advanced Smoke Detector
  • Free Installation, Advice and Support
  • 24 hour Response Centre
  • Equipment Warranty
  • System Setup and Maintenance*

Who do I contact to install The Community Safety Alarm Service?

To find out more information or to arrange an installation, call us now on 01429 872311, or alternatively request a call back by filling in our contact form here.

*New customers will be subject to a small administration charge to cover the setup costs when adding new accounts to the system.