Don’t let your hot date go up in smoke this Valentine’s Day

Watch 'FLEE' in Hot Date video

Watch ‘FLEE’ in Hot Date video

Love birds across Teesside are being reminded of the fire hazards this Valentine’s Day so their hot date doesn’t go up in smoke.

Fire Chiefs at Cleveland Fire Brigade are asking those who are planning a cosy night in and cooking a romantic meal for their loved one, to be mindful of the increased risk that a combination of cooking, candles and alcohol can bring.

Dave Turton, Head of Community Safety said, “The number of people using candles and cooking can increase at this time of year, but there’s no bigger turn-off than finding your house on fire – and most fires at home start in the kitchen.

“If you are cooking, it’s important that you don’t become distracted. We want everyone to have a great time, but don’t put yourself and your Valentine in danger.”

Follow our simple tips this Valentines weekend:

  • Stand by your pan – take pans off the heat and turn off the hob and/or grill if you have to leave the kitchen while cooking
  • Keep your cooker and grill pan clean – burnt food and fat can and does cause fires
  • Don’t drink and fry – fires start when you fall asleep whilst cooking food
  • Keep tea towels and cloths away from your cooker and hob
  • Make sure the oven, hob and grill is turned off when you have finished cooking
  • Always place your candles and tealights in a suitable fire resistant candleholder
  • Make sure the candleholder holds candles and tealights firmly and is on a flat and stable surface to stop it falling over
  • Never leave lit candles or tealights unattended
  • Never put tealights on on plastic surfaces such as baths