Fire Chiefs urge football revellers to enjoy the FIFA World Cup safely

Fifa world cup take away leaflet.inddFire Chiefs are urging those who will be drinking alcohol and watching the FIFA World Cup football matches to enjoy them safely.

With England’s first World Cup match kicking off on Saturday 14 June at 11.00pm and the likelihood that more alcohol will be consumed before, during and after the matches, it is essential for precautions to be taken.

Every year Cleveland Fire Brigade attend house fires which have started after people have been drinking alcohol and then fell asleep when cooking. Fire Chiefs want to say to football revellers, ‘Don’t drink and fry’ order a take away instead of cooking.

Steve McCarten, District Manager said, “Last year almost 50% of accidental house fires started in the kitchen across Cleveland, the main causes being leaving cooking unattended, chip pans and grill pans. The risk of fire is greatly increased when large quantities of alcohol are consumed.

“It only takes one act of carelessness when cooking to result in losing your home, your possessions or ultimately your life.

“Our top safety tips throughout the World Cup event are:

  • Don’t drink and fry/cook – you could fall asleep and cause a fatal fire – order a take away instead
  • Make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished before you go to sleep
  • Ensure a working smoke alarm is installed, as this will greatly increase the chances of escaping if a fire breaks out in your home
  • Test your smoke alarms weekly. Working smoke alarms save lives. Join us on Facebook or Twitter to receive your weekly reminder #testittuesday
  • Don’t drink so much that you cannot take care of yourself, your family or your home
  • Don’t drink and drive, and take care if walking home

JUST EAT, the world’s largest online marketplace for ordering takeaway online, is helping us promote these safety messages to help reduce the risk of fires in homes across Teesside. JUST EAT provides consumers with an easy and secure way to order food from over 20,000 local takeaway restaurants, online via desktop, tablet, mobile or app.

UK Managing Director at JUST EAT, Graham Corfield, said, “We’re in full support of this campaign and would encourage everyone to stay safe when satying up watching the football, whether they are drinking alcohol or not. If getting merry is going to be a big part of the night, ordering a takeaway beforehand will line the stomach, while ordering on the way home could save your life. There are thousands of local takeaway restaurants available through JUST EAT, so you’re free to enjoy the night without risking anyone’s safety.”