Brigade back to normal following strike by firefighters

ClevelandFire Logo BlueFollowing strikes by the Fire Brigades Union over the weekend (Friday 2 May between 12:00 and 17:00 hours, Saturday 3 May between 14:00 and 02:00, and Sunday 4 May between 10:00 hours – 15:00 hours), Cleveland Fire Brigade’s operational response service has returned to normal.

The industrial action was in relation to the FBU’s national dispute over pensions with central Government.

The withdrawal of military support during periods of industrial action by the Government has meant that fire and rescue services have to make other arrangements in order to provide emergency cover during periods of disruption.

Cleveland Fire Brigade has contingency arrangements in place to provide emergency cover during periods of disruption, which includes having fully trained and experienced, professional firefighters supported by auxiliary firefighters.

Ian Hayton, Chief Fire Officer said:

“In the run up to the Bank Holiday weekend, the Brigade encouraged the public and business owners to take extra care with fire safety during the period of strike action. I am pleased to say that this appears to have had an impact and the number of incidents we have dealt with reflect the normal picture for this time of year. I would like to thank the public for their support in taking on board the safety messages we have been promoting”

“That said, it has been our busiest period of strike action so far with 25 calls being received on Saturday alone. Our resilience arrangements performed well dealing with gas leaks, house fires, rubbish fires, lift rescues, automatic fire alarms, vehicle fires and fuel spillages. Whilst our contingency arrangements never fully replace the 21 fire engines and firefighters available to us under normal circumstances, the public can be reassured that we will provide a professional response at all times.”

“In terms of the possibility of further potential action, I would continue to urge the Government and the Fire Brigades Union to get back around the table and negotiate a settlement to this dispute.”

During the strike period we received 41 calls.


5 Incidents attended by the emergency crews on Friday:

Worset Ln, Hpool. Report of smoke in the area. One appliance attended.

Eston Hills. Gorse and wood. One appliance attended.

High Flyers Childrens’ Centre, Thby. Automatic Fire Alarm. Two appliances attended.

The Front, Seaton Carew, Hpool. Grass. One appliance despatched.

Tilery Primary School, Portrack, Stkn. Automatic Fire Alarm. Two appliances attended.


25 Incidents attended by the emergency crews on Saturday:


Frampton Green, Mbro – Lawn mower – 1 appliance attended.

The Front Seaton Carew – Sand Dunes – 1 appliance attended.

Barrass Gr, Mbro – Rubbish – 2 appliances attended

West View Rd, Hpool – House – 2 appliances attended.

Albert Pk, Mbro – Bin – 1 appliance attended

Marton Rd, Mbro – Bushes – 1 appliance attended

Uni of Teesside – Incomplete call – no attendance

Silverton Rd,Guis – Woods – 1 appliance attended

Spencerfield Cres, Thorntree – Rubbish 1 appliance attend 

Eastbourne Rd, Mbro – Rubbish 1 appliance attended

Longford St, Mbro – House 2 appliances attended

Cromwell Rd, South Bank – rubbish 1 appliance attended

Unity City, Ormesby – Rubbish – 1 appliance attended

Coledale Rd,Mbro – Rubbish – 1 appliance attended

Beresford Cres, Thorntree – Tractor 1 appliance attended

Braid Cres, Bham –Controlled Burning FB not reqd.

St Marys Wk,Mbro – Tree – 1 appliance attended

Birkhall Rd,Thorntree – Rubbish – 1 appliance attended

Police Stn, Hpool – SSE – 1 appliance attended

Ragpath Ln, Ston – SSE – 1 appliance attended

Mansepool Cl, Hpool – Persons Reported 3 appls attended

Stn India – Standby – 1 appliance (B1) attended

Thornaby Rd, Thby – 1 appliance attended

James Cook Hosp area 14 – AFA – 3 appliances attended

Westbourne St, Ston – Smoke – 1 appliance attended


11 Incidents attended by the emergency crews on Sunday:


North Tees Hospital, Stockton – AFA – 2 appliances attended

Asda Living Teesside Retail Park – Lift release  – 2 appliances

Falcon Way Guisborough – Special Service gas boiler 1 appliance

Borough Hall Buildings, Middlegate, Headland – Special Service gas release 1 appliance

Raithwaite House Guisborough – AFA 2 appliances

Marton Burn Rd, Grove Hill, Middlesbrough – Flat – 2 Appliances

Slater Rd, Grangetown, Middlesbrough – Rubbish – 1 appliance

Arundel Rd, Billingham – AFA – 2 appliances

Rockliffe Rd, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough – House – 2 appliances

Maritime Rd, Stockton – Fuel Spillage -1 appliance

Mulgrave Rd, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough – Garage – 2 appliances