Celebrate Diwali safely

Diwali_lampCleveland Fire Brigade urges families who celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali to be aware of the increased fire risk to their homes and to take extra care during the celebrations.

Diwali, also known as the ‘festival of lights’ starts on Sunday 3 November this year and is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs.

Les Jones, Head of Community Safety said: “This religious festival is a busy time, as families and friends get together and candles are lit and left to burn overnight. All of these ingredients increase the risk of fire in homes as it is easy to get distracted with all of the festivities going on.

“Industrial action is taking place by firefighters between 6.00am and 8.00am on Monday 4 November, so we are asking you to take extra care. When celebrating, please follow our safety advice:

Treat the Diva (candle) as you would any other flame:

  • Use only enough ghee (clarified butter) to last your Puja (worship).
  • Place it in a suitable fire resistant candleholder
  • Do not leave it unattended, but if you decide to ensure it rests securely on a surface that will not melt or burn
  • Keep the flame a safe distance from curtains, furniture or decorations at all times. Long hair and clothing are also very flammable

Treat fireworks with great caution:

  • Only buy fireworks marked with British Safety Standard BS7114
  • Always follow the firework code – www.clevelandfire.gov.uk/bonfire
  • Keep fireworks and candles out of the reach of children and ensure they are supervised at all times

If you decide to cook deep-fried food:

  • Stand by your pan – never leave cooking unattended
  • Dry your food before placing it in the hot oil
  • If the oil starts to smoke, turn off the heat and leave the pan to cool
  • Never fill the pan more than one-third full of oil.
  • If your pan catches fire, never throw water over it and get out, stay out and call 999.

Cleveland Fire Brigade offers residents a free Home Fire Safety Visit, where firefighters will come to your home and give valuable safety advice and help make an escape plan which will be tailored to you and your family’s needs. Free smoke alarms will be supplied and fitted if needed. Call us on 01429 874063 to arrange a visit at your convenience.

Visit our website at www.clevelandfire.gov.uk/safety to view more safety advice, as well as our news and details of events happening throughout the Brigade. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter (clevelandfb).