Swan rescue means quick thinking from Cleveland crew

The struggles of a distressed swan prompted quick thinking from the crew of a Cleveland fire station on Friday.

A large bird was seen to be in a distressed state on Church Lane, Grangetown in Middlesbrough shortly before 4pm on Friday. Police reported the incident to the nearby Grangetown Fire Station prompting a rescue.

The bird, which was nursing an injured wing, was rescued from the main road by Grangetown’s Green Watch by means of a blanket. The swan was then kept in the station’s Watch room until it could be taken away by the RSPCA.

Jimmy Ruse, Station Manager for Grangetown, said: “The quick thinking of the Watch meant that they could rescue the swan from the road before it risked more injury. It’s all part of the service we provide but is one of our more unusual rescues.”

The Swan is believed to now be recovering at an RSPCA centre.